VBTC has joined the sponsorship program of the Open Source Block Explorer Mempool.Space and contributed 1,000,000 Satoshis to the Development Fund of the project.

VBTC and our user base have benefited from the work done by the Mempool.space team in terms of Data Visualization of Bitcoin’s Mempool, allowing for the integration of fee optimized withdrawal methods in recent weeks.

Mempool.space - a Data Visualization tool for Bitcoin’s Mempool Mempool.space - a Data Visualization tool for Bitcoin’s Mempool

Simon and Wiz are two hard-core Bitcoiners in heart and mind who do their part in providing the infrastructure & building the tools the ecosystem needs in order to advance the cause of Bitcoin.

They also have been more or less regularly visiting the local Bitcoin Meetups in Saigon and helped by sharing their expertise to help long-time Bitcoiners gain new insights as well as putting the new Bitcoin curious onto the right track.

Mempool.space follows a very principled Open Source Approach with the goal of maximizing self-sovereignty of its users instead of tracking & collecting user data which then gets sold out to various Blockchain surveillance firms.

The Mempool.space team therefore deserves in our eyes all the support it can get from individual Bitcoiners and Bitcoin service providers in the space to continue their impressive and impactful work.

If you want to become a Mempool.space sponsor on your own - you can do so here.

If you are keen to hear more about what the Mempool.space project is about and what plans its Creator Simon & Wiz have in the near future, we can highly recommend the most recent Stephan Livera Podcast with the two.