Currently* there are the following funding methods for your VBTC account:

1. Bank deposit

(online or at the bank branch) from any domestic Bank

2. Cash Deposit via Cash Office Partner

currently available in HCMC, Hanoi and Hoi An

VND Deposits into your VBTC account via bank wire/deposit are free of charge.

VND Deposits via Cash Office partners come with an additional fee which you can look up for each location here.

If you are looking to deposit/trade an amount exceeding the usual order book liquidity we encourage you to take a look at the OTC Trade Desk solution by our sister firm BitcoinVN.

Also if you are based in HCMC, you might be able to directly deposit with some of our team members present which are most of the time present at the weekly local Bitcoin Meetup (please reach out to us beforehand to confirm!).

*14.11.2020 - for any further news follow us on Twitter or Telegram